Carreras De Cuero Sintético De Juego De La Silla Ajustable Cafés De Internet De La Idu Silla De La Computadora Cómodo Acostado Hogar Silla



€212.21 €150.67

  • Doblado: No
  • size1: 82x32x59cm
  • Con Rodillos: Sí
  • Origen: CN(Origen)
  • Tamaño: 70x125cm
  • Peso: 16kg
  • Es Giratorio: Sí
  • Número De Modelo: Presidente-004
  • Con Pasamanos: Sí
  • La Altura Del Respaldo: <125mm->800 mm
  • Elemento: Silla de oficina, silla de la computadora
  • Estilo: Silla Giratoria
  • Material: Cuero Sintético

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Issued left track number at a discount, the dispute is lost-asked for some help from the Mail about sending to which I have no relation at all, money goodbye, the seller is successful in his not easy business to deceive buyers.
Andrearose Muyano
Seller 0, nefarious, I paid for the chair and shipping costs, then they told me that if I didn't pay $20 more I wouldn't send it, they wanted ME to cancel the order for the reasons they imposed on ME, not for the real ones so they didn't cancel it, After a dispute with all the evidence I have managed to get my money back but not my chair. I certainly never recommend buying from this seller. When you put a product at a price, you have to sell at that price. Congratulations, in the end it's all for your benefit. No doubt a 0 like a house. I make a star because they make me, make it clear.
With coupon left track number, Ali money don't return, decided in favor of the seller, appealed to the dispute. Solid 1 star.
Asel 86 09
This is a very practical chair, I like it very much